• Reviewed by:   on: 6/15/2012 2:51:00 PM
    The food here was deeply mediocre, but sometimes that's all I want in take out. Nothing was bad, and nothing was great. If it was much cheaper I'd go here all the time (assuming occasional breaks for work and the rest of "life"), but overall it's ok.
  • Reviewed by: coheecm  on: 2019/6/15 15:39:24
    Hello, it would be nice if your menu online described what was in each entree.
  • Reviewed by: holly574  on: 2019/5/7 12:43:59
    What food is served in the Sunday brunch buffet and how much does it cost. Any special s this Sunday for mother's day Holly
  • Reviewed by: adrianwheat  on: 2019/5/21 2:46:02
    Stay automatically putting straws in the water glasses! It's wasteful. Not everyone wants a straw, so ask.
  • Reviewed by: adrianwheat  on: 2019/5/20 10:44:15
    Lucky House is great, but please stop automatically putting straws in the water glasses. It's wasteful and unnecessary. Offer people an unwrapped straw instead.
  • Reviewed by: rick_wilson_cmh  on: 2019/1/16 7:56:02
    Do you have gluten free options? If so, is there a Menu identifying which items are gluten free?
  • Reviewed by: glprobasco  on: 2018/7/20 16:42:50
    Yesterday evening my fiance's daughter picked up 2 dinners for us, Sesame Chicken and General Tso Chicken. We eat at your restaurant about once a month and these dinners last night were the worst we have had, from any Oriental restaurant. General Tso had absolutely no flavor at all and not spicy at all, and a few pieces were not fully cooked. The fried rice had peas that were as hard as an ice cube. Definitely the worst food we have ever gotten from your restaurant. My fiance's daughter could only eat a few bites of her Sesame Chicken. Do you have a new cook? After such a bad tasting experience it will be a long time if at all that we will return to your restaurant. Very, very disappointing.
  • Reviewed by: clintpierce  on: 2018/7/2 4:49:39
    A major retailer is potentially interested in selling your gift cards in their stores near your restaurant. We are reaching out to see if you would be interested in learning about the opportunity. This particular program could generate thousands of dollars of incremental sales for Lucky House Chinese Restaurant. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Clint Pierce
  • Reviewed by: mlpdds  on: 2018/7/16 8:10:46
    Can you add brief descriptions as to what is in each dish and a photo of each dish? Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: tennesseegranny55  on: 2018/4/30 12:36:51
    do you have shrimp egg rolls
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