• Reviewed by: cara.sprd  on: 2020/7/18 1:46:37
    Could you put the names of each dish on your photos? Then when someone sees one they would like to try, they would know what to order.
  • Reviewed by: lapointe_l  on: 2020/6/20 19:53:13
    You don’t have Egg Foo Young or Lemon Chicken on your menu that I could find...
  • Reviewed by: dearkwisdom  on: 2020/6/18 10:49:03
    Do you serve alcohol?
  • Reviewed by: alicia.meckstroth  on: 2020/4/14 14:31:30
    Are you open for take out?
  • Reviewed by: alicia.meckstroth  on: 2020/4/14 14:30:24
    Are you still open for take out?
  • Reviewed by: bgkelly1986  on: 2020/4/10 17:20:44
    Usually you are our favorite spot for take out. Tonight, however, my husband found a long hair in his Triple Delicacy. Everyone lost their appetite. For the first time, we are really disappointed in the quality of the food. 614.483.8951
  • Reviewed by: debragga  on: 2020/12/19 4:19:24
    do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?
  • Reviewed by: dwisard  on: 2020/12/18 15:35:40
    Will your restaurant be open on Christmas eve?
  • Reviewed by: finley.gmaelaine  on: 2020/12/16 17:55:12
    are you going to be open on christmas for delivery
  • Reviewed by: rkellermeyer  on: 2020/12/13 15:13:09
    Just had the worst broccoli chicken yourself the money and go outside and eat dirt......on the other hand they do have great spring rolls.....
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