• Reviewed by: annlawrence53  on: 2021/9/29 18:11:00
    Ordered two egg rolls and the only ingredients inside was cabbage. Took it apart to check why there was not much flavor.
  • Reviewed by: lmiller6221  on: 2021/9/13 12:39:30
    Could not find a dinner menu on your site only lunch. Do you serve alcohol?
  • Reviewed by: sunshinebc79  on: 2021/7/20 7:55:53
    It would be nice to have a description of the menu items so that I know what I'm ordering.
  • Reviewed by: mikepeebles7  on: 2021/7/16 17:44:47
    Hello, I was calling back to let you know order number 1283 transaction number 130 Dash – Dash 7:50 p.m. is the order ticket ID. “Shirley” what is the name on the order. We got a regular white rice instead of fried rice. Her phone number that she used to call Lynn is 614–256–8432. I tried to call and come back to get my order corrected but you now close at 8:30 PM. Hopefully somebody will call my wife Shirley or me back thank you Mike PS - Everybody makes mistakes every now and then you guys steal our favorite restaurant have a good night
  • Reviewed by: bobologic  on: 2021/6/20 6:23:06
    Are you doing the Sunday Lunch Buffet again? Because our family misses them.
  • Reviewed by: sherylamiller  on: 2021/4/1 15:07:58
    Please include descriptions for your menu items. Thank you.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2021/12/24 14:39:29
  • Reviewed by: littlelady1764  on: 2021/12/24 14:28:39
    I understand how busy you are today, but just wanted to let you know we didn't get the Hot and Sour Soup we ordered and also we got Bon Bon Noodles instead of the Dan Dan noodles we ordered. Everything else was delicious! Susan Zimmerman 614-565-6197 order placed around 3pm 12/24/21. picked up around 4pm
  • Reviewed by: mrichard642  on: 2021/12/24 13:23:57
    Long term customer here, over 20 years but a bad lunch and bad treatment by a female manager and the waitress was enough for me. I can overlook the filthy carpet and a mistake or two in the kitchen but not the confrontational and embarrassing treatment I received at lunch on Thursday. No excuse for that, I won't be back.
  • Reviewed by: rplemel  on: 2021/10/9 6:24:55
    Good morning Lucky House, I spoke to you last evening about me getting the wrong order: General Tso's and White rice, that was given to DoorDash for delivery, instead of Kung Po Chicken and Brown rice-Extra Hot. I was told I have to go back to DoorDash for a refund and reorder. They did nothing wrong here and I am just asking you to make this right by giving me my order minus the spring roll and soup, which was correct. There should be no charge. Please advise. Best regards, Bob Plemel 614-423-8395 Paid with Visa Ending in 4654 Lucky House Chinese Restaurant Total: $13.12 Your receipt 5704 Great Hall Ct, Columbus, OH 43231, USA - For: Bob Plemel - 1x Egg Drop Soup (Soups) $3.60 1x Kung Bao Chicken - L (Lunch - Chicken A La carte) • Extra Hot • Brown Rice $10.50 1x Spring Roll (Starters) $3.15 ORDER#1118
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